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V011_ AnimationCorps8mm3

A hodge podge of interesting early Animation Corps animation class work at CCM. Work was shot on Sony 8mm videos by pausing and unpausing the recorder. Students shot their pencil work this way, then their test animation transferred to VHS for class viewing. This video group also has some rare shots of classes in action. (and some kids sledding) Part 3 of 3.

This is from 1989.

Darren Wheeling animation
More Animation Corps class projects
More Gael Harlow animation
Rick Callender
Top Productions logo
Snail Trail by Scott Miller
Erik Blankenship pitching character to class (Darren, Rick, Gael, Erik, ?)
Gael Harlow pitching her character idea
Darren Wheeling pitching character walks
Dave Vallone teaching?

Run time 25 minutes 59 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


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